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Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy 

Start your wellness journey today. Ketamine-assisted therapy is a psychiatric treatment involving the use of the dissociative anesthetic ketamine to help clients manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.


The treatment involves a series of 6 oral Ketamine sessions aimed at inducing a dissociative state that opens up the client to explore and process traumatic experiences.


Studies have shown that ketamine-assisted therapy can rapidly improve mood and decrease symptoms of depression and anxiety.  At lower doses, ketamine can disrupt negative feelings and preoccupations and help the brain create new, healthier patterns.

How Does it Work?


Book initial Consultation with Dr. Upton 

Book initial Consultation with Dr. Upton to see if you're a candidate for Ketamine Treatment. In this risk-free consultation, if approved for Ketamine treatment, you will create a custom specifically tailored treatment program with your provider to meet your wellness goal. We will determine if in person, or at home treatment would best fit your custom wellness plan. We will also discuss the benefits of coaching from and/or psychotherapy from Dr. Upton during your wellness journey. Costs and payment plans will also be discussed in this consultation. Your payment for the initial consultation ($250)  will be refunded if you are not clinically approved.

Receive Ketamine and Treatment Supplies

You will receive a ketamine treatment shipment and wellness journey package to start your specifically tailored treatment program.

Meeting with Dr. Upton for psychotherapy/coaching 

You will meet with Dr. Upton to help meet your wellness needs for the duration of your Ketamine treatment. 

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