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Wellness is a journey where every small step towards a healthier life counts. It's a path to self-discovery and self-care.

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We provide expert Psychiatric Medication Management, offering a specialized approach to optimize mental health through carefully tailored medication plans and ongoing monitoring, ensuring the best possible outcomes for patients.

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IFS is a psychotherapy model that perceives the mind as composed of various parts with unique thoughts, emotions, and actions. It seeks to foster harmony among these parts by tapping into inner resources and uncovering the roots of emotional distress. Through this process, individuals can develop greater self-awareness, self-compassion, and a more integrated sense of self.

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Ketamine, renowned for its swift transformational effects, rapidly alleviates anxiety, depression, and related conditions. Ketamine disrupts negative feelings and preoccupations - helping the brain create new, healthier patterns.

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Life coaching is a goal-oriented form of therapy where individuals work with a coach to identify strengths and weaknesses, creating a clear plan to achieve personal goals in areas like career, relationships, health, and personal growth. This collaborative process prioritizes self-awareness, accountability, and action, focusing on the present and future to help individuals reach their full potential, in contrast to traditional therapy which often delves into the past.

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Have you ever wondered if hormones are playing a role in your health, wellness, and happiness? Upton Wellness and Grandview Primary Care recognize this relationship and strive to improve the wellbeing of every patient as a whole person. We collaborate with Grandview Primary Care to provide male and female hormone replacement therapy for those that qualify. 


Lift and Talk is a unique approach to mental and emotional well-being. Combining the benefits of physical activity with the power of therapeutic conversation, this service provides a holistic way to address life's challenges. It promotes a dynamic, open environment where individuals can explore their thoughts and feelings, leading to personal growth, self-discovery, and improved mental health. Lift and Talk Therapy offers a refreshing alternative to traditional therapy, helping clients find balance and clarity in both body and mind.


Dr. Cole Upton

Dr. Upton advocates for a comprehensive perspective on mental health, emphasizing the importance of addressing the entire body and identifying the underlying causes of symptoms as central to achieving genuine healing...

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